Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2006

  1. Updated 16 January 2007
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  3. (1) staup2005: 1413 (0)
  4. (2) hinterland: 507 (0)
  5. (3) kaplan: 475 (0)
  6. (4) RosieCotton: 473 (0)
  7. (5) knoir: 432 (0)
  8. (6) CaptMal: 361 (2)
  9. (18) WB: 343 (250)
  10. (7) cosgrove: 311 (1)
  11. (8) socialretard: 283 (0)
  12. (9) greenmind: 248 (0)
  13. (10) Jay BamBaLam: 240 (10)
  14. (11) lukeprog: 208 (0)
  15. (12) 1922: 184 (0)
  16. (13) P Pogo: 166 (0)
  17. (14) pastordice: 154 (0)
  18. (15) bookwormcat: 148 (0)
  19. (15) kza: 140 (0)
  20. (16) grandpa_chum: 133 (0)
  21. (17) MrWindUpBird: 105 (0)
  22. (19) heyrocker: 85 (0)
  23. (20) mistercreepy 72 (0)
  24. (21) MaxCastle: 69 (0)
  25. (21) pianoshootis: 69 (0)
  26. (22) spoky: 66 (0)
Author Comments: 

This list tracks how many films players have watched in 2006. Shorts (less than 40 minutes), TV movies, and TV miniseries do not count toward one's 'score.' I'm allowing direct-to-video ("video premieres"), theatrical features shown on TV, and repeat viewings.

Many thanks to dayfornight who maintained the original list. Thanks to Lukeprog who did a great job maintaining the list for 2005! Thanks also to those who continue to play.

Thank you!

knoir got an impressive viewing log. Maybe (s)he wants to participate.

I'll invite knoir.

Since I know there is no way I will come close to first based on last years totals, I will humbly submit my list for contention of last place. Last year I would have placed second last, but I suspect that my movie intake this year will be substantially less, so I have good hopes of losing it all this year.

You don't know 'til you try :).

Count me in this time as well. Thanks.


Glad to!


Why not? I'll go again.


here. Thanks for taking over!

No problem. Thanks for joining the game!

here's mine... decided to actually count this year... I coulda been a contendah.

btw, i never understood if repeat viewings should be 'counted'.

Yes, you get credit for repeat viewings. You don't have to indicate, but some folks put a forward slash in front.

Thanks for playing.

Guess I should join as well.


Even though I was nearly dead last in '05, it's nice just to participate.

Welcome aboard.

Thanks for doing this, Rosie! And sign me up as well.

(Off to a slow start, but as long as I can top 230, I'll be okay.)

Fine that someone's taking over.
Count me in Rosie, though I'm having a terrible start...

You'll catch up :)

You're welcome!

What the heck... I'll be happy if I can top 250 this year.

You can do it. I believe in you.

2003: 268 films
2004: 268 films
2005: 212 films

Guess that's what happens when you discover TV on DVD. ;-) I'll try to do better this year, though.

Yes, I can see that. I think TV on DVD is great, but I do not watch much TV on DVD. I hope it will all still be available when I'm done with movies.

Year 2, can I bring myself on? ;)


Thanks. ;)

Here's mine. Don't expect as much out of me this time around.

Welcome to the derby!

How can anyone possibly keep up with knoir and his/her 25 movies in less than 9 days?!

By neglecting family, housework, yardwork, personal grooming, and giving up cable and puppies. Eating only fast food. Ignoring the phone when it rings.

Waitaminute. I do those things as a matter of course and I'm only at 7.

Add Focus and Discipline :).

How 'bout staup2005?

I'm speechless...and in awe. How is such a thing even humanly possible? :-)

I'll appoint an independent counsel to investigate and report their findings to the committee.

I think I've found a way. Watch shorter movies.

I could watch three or four movies each night and still keep my day job, if I picked ones that were 75 minutes or shorter, and if I had one of those theatre chairs with a built-in toilet and someone to bring me my dinner. On weekends, I could play catchup. That would mean watching about a thousand in one year.

However, that means I can't watch Shoah or the Decalogue or Woodstock, or alot of other great movies.

And if you developed a good case of insomnia (or started taking handfuls of No Dooze), you could fit in another four movies each day. ;-)

Rosie, ya got it. During the workweek, I tend to watch shorter movies 70-80 minutes in length, that way I "can" fit 4-5 a night. For me, quality of a film is completely subjective, but I enjoy all types of film and would like to experience as many as 'humanly' possible.

Peace to all.


Thank you for solving the mystery for us :).

Cool, the game become intergalactic. ;)

Do you think I could join, being new here and all?

My list as it stands now is located here:

(Tried to using HTML tags to make that clickable, but to no avail...can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to do that?)

Yes, I'll add you. Welcome to the game. Make it a numbered list.

All right, it's numbered.


Here's the link syntax:

<a href="">text to display</a>

Welcome to Listology!

I expect I'll update the list on the 15th.

Looks like you've got a tougher job than I had. I'll make it a bit easier: you can take me off the list, I probably won't even crack 100 this year.

What do you mean?! You can't quit!

yeah, I guess that's okay. Nevermind.

Don't worry about it being extra work for me. I have a worksheet in which I keep the formatting, the scores, and the links. It helps me to sort quickly. I just copy and paste.

You don't have to compete. There's no fun in it if you stay up late to get in another movie so you can beat hinerland:).

Happy to see that I could keep my position.

But 94?????? I know that I repeat myself, but I am really in awe. Respect.

Yes, Staup is amazing.

So are you for keeping up this list. Thank you.

No problem.

Lots of news this week, with contestants spreading out and changing places. I've dropped to sixth place. We have only one tie. Staup2005 continues to amaze. WB and Spoky had nothing to report.

Boo! Boo! Boo, loser!

I boo at myself for having dropped two places. :)

I'm 17 behind my own goal for the year, which is an average of 2 per day.

You plan to see 2 per day? Well personally, I'd be happy with an average of 1 each day.

I think I did 1 per day last year. I'm just trying to challenge myself a little. At the rate I'm going, I'll never catch up.

Ambitious people are cool.

Thank you. I only wish I could be more ambitious about my career, and housework :).

All right, question about the rules, Rosie:

I know we can count repeat viewings, but does that include repeat viewings of films we've already added to our total? For example, I've watched Mean Creek twice this year. Do I only count it once, or can I count it every time I watch it?

You can count it each time you watch it.

How about commentaries? If you view a movie and then watch it again with the commentary, does that count twice?

Yes. I would encourage you to do so.

I would like to be added to the list. Thank you!

Done! Welcome aboard.

Congratulations to CaptMal for climbing four spots, and to WB for climbing five. Lukeprog and Pianoshootis are up two.

I made a mistake with WB last week, so WB is back down a few spots. Everyone else pretty much stayed put.

:( for having again fallen a spot.

:( :( for the bad movies I have watched recently.

What makes them so bad?

Scary Movie 3, Wrong Turn, Beverly Hills Ninja, ... (*bitter silence*)

Yikes! I'm so sorry for you.

I'm sorry that I haven't updated so long, but what can I do without a PC. Maybe I'll be cmpletely "up" in a few weeks. Have watched over 60 films in between, so lots to type :-(
And I know my counting system can be confusing ;-)

It's OK, WB. I understand your counting system. I just forgot.

Starting really late but I just heard of this on a blog and am interested in throwing my hat into the ring for mid-table mediocrity.

One question. I know made-for-TV movies don't count when they're viewed on television but what about after they're released on DVD? I'm fine with not counting "Faith Of My Fathers" or "Rated R: Republicans In Hollywood" but I'd like to if I can.

I think you should let your conscience be your guide. I don't expect you to look up every movie to make sure it was first released in theatres. If you know a movie was made for TV, even if you are just now watching it on DVD, don't count it. This is just for fairness, so we're all counting the same things.

However, I won't be checking up on you.

Welcome to the scoreboard!

This is a contentious topic; fisticuffs have broken out over this (okay, not really). I think we all sneak a few suspect releases on our lists. I tend to include straight to DVD movies, like the Family Guy movie, even though they may not be considered "proper" movies, or whatever.

It's all just for fun, no one is going to cyber-punch you if you want to include them. So up to you, and welcome aboard.
(Disclaimer: Rosie has the right to proclaim everything in this post false since she's the maintainer of the list.)

(Side note: staup2005 is a robot. I have no proof, but that's the only thing that makes sense.)

I don't know what to do about the direct-to-video titles. What has been the rule in the past?

Well, IMHO all unedited movies of feature length should be included. Times are quickly changing and - although some people may not agree - I can see a future in which only those movies most likely to make big bucks are released to theatres and everything else goes straight-to-video or the internet.

Direct to video releases should definitely count. They are almost always made for theatrical presentation but were unable to find a distribution deal to put them into theaters. Certainly they're not the best films (though a lot are better than the ones that do make the big screen) but film companies are moving to have them be better quality.

The important thing about direct to video is they are marketed in the same way as theatrical releases right down to having publicized released dates ("Bambi 2," "Carlito's Way: Rise To Power) and previews on other DVDs.

Made-for-TV movies on the other hand are formatted much differently (to leave room for commercials), must follow the FCC codes, and are not publicized on DVDs. They were never supposed to have DVD releases but do now with the "TV on DVD" phenomenon.

Though there are some that have always had hype around them and have been on VHS/DVD for a long time like "Brian's Song."

Maybe you should let people know that movies edited for television are not to be counted. At least one person on this list is currently doing so.

Edited for television is such an odd thing to pin down. Personally, all but two of my list were seen absolutely, positively unedited because they were movie theater/DVD or on pay cable, commericial free, uncut (Flix, Plex, and IFC). "Grizzly Man" and "The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle" were free cable with commercial but besides the bleeps in "Grizzly Man" neither were edited in any way that I know of from people who have seen them both ways.

I'm sorry, I was not aware this rule exists.

I just don't think that watching, say, "Goodfellas" on TNT is at all the same as watching it on DVD or in the theatre. It's essentially a totally different movie. But, the list is yours and all the rule-making should definitely be left up to you. :-)

I understand your feelings on the matter, but I do not care to make a distinction between DVD, theatrical, or TV editions of movies.

I am permitting direct-to-video releases, also known as "DVD premieres."

Is there any chance of being added to the list at this late stage? I wouldn't expect to trouble the scorers overmuch, but it'd be nice to be involved.


Sure, no problem. Welcome to the scoreboard!

I'll add your list next time I update.

Ok my list is here.

OK, mistercreepy. I'll add you. Welcome!

Gee, Rosie, what a nice litte dash that was.

Yes. I had a lot of free time last week :).

I'm sorry I forgot to change the date updated until today, even though I've been updating it weekly, on Monday nights.

I deleted Jenesaisoz, per her request. I'm sorry to see her go.

We're really spread out now, with only two ties. I've dropped back down to 4th, after spending one week in 2nd place.

This is just a thought and disregard it if you want. I think it would be kind of cool to add how many movies were watched since the last update as part of the name. For example:

greenmind: 58 (+11).

I think it would be a nice way to show what kind of pace people are at for the rest of us to see who's picking up the pace, slacking off (or, you know, doing things besides movies), etc.

I think that would be easy, and interesting. I'll try to remember to do that, next time I update.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Good suggestion!
Rosie, I'm sorry, but I have to remind you again, that you've counted wrong. It may be due to the confusion I have in my current viewing log (still about 70 films I need to update from January on...).
I have only 20 features listed as seen, as of now.

Oops. I'll fix it.

Thanks for telling me.

I've added greenmind's suggestion. The last number on the right, in parentheses, indicates the number of movies seen since the last update. For example, even though I saw 12 movies last week, I slipped from fourth to fifth place.

Hey, Rosie, I exceeded my maximum character limit, and I added another installment to my log, so you can use/link to this now:

Movie Log 2006 (With Mini-Reviews!) - Vol. 2

Thanks, will do.

holy crap, I was on the road for two weeks during which I watched one movie and I'm already out of the running... not that staup will ever be caught... that is incredible movie watching.

Yes, Staup is unreal.

I am falling behind, too. I had out of town guests this weekend, and watched zero movies for four days in a row!

Ah yes, that damn private life! Always keeping us from watching movies! :D

Anyway, thanks Rosie for keeping up this list. I appreciate it!

That's right, 1922, sometimes my priorities are out of whack, when I put friends and family ahead of movies :).

I am happy to do the list.

grandpa_chum managed to see 26 films last week, and moved up two positions.

naw, that was all backtracking... I just didn't update the list for a month.

Right, I forgot.

Slow week on the scoreboard. Not much movement, except CaptMal is up three positions, and there are no more ties.

Oh, I see I keep falling and falling. And only 1 movie between Jay BamBaLam and me. Ahhh!

114 films is a very respectable number! Remember, you are among some seriously hardcore movie fans. Everyone on this list is elite.

I'm not elite, I just have a lot of free time. I saw "Brick" yesterday and was completely lost at the end. That makes me far from elite. :)

Yes, but you could be filling your free time with so many useless things, like fresh air and sunshine. Instead, you are among the elite who choose movies.

Is it too late for me to toss my hat into this grand film-penis measuring contest?

You're welcome to join us, only please explain to me your numbering system.

I only number the films that I've seen for the first time. Makes it easier at the end of the year to see how many "new" films I've seen as opposed to repeat viewings.

Since you count those as well, I've added an overall total in the Author's Comments section.

Thank you. I tend to update the scoreboard on Tuesday nights around 10:30 PM. If I miss a week, I'll do two week's worth on the following Tuesday.

You're in the race in the 14th position.

Hey Rosie, I once again exceeded the character limit, so here's another installment that you can use:

Movie Log 2006 (With Mini-Reviews!) - Vol. 3

Let me take this opportunity to comment on the quantity and quality of your reviews...

...both are great.

Thank you very much! I was worried that nobody bothered to read 'em. :-)

No problem. Thanks.

Lukeprog is up 7, and is now tied for 12th. MrWindUpBird enters the race at 14th, and we now have 23 players.

I may as well get into the game, my list is here

Perhaps I can manage to not be last.

Welcome to the game. I'll add you the next time I update.

I think this is the first time that there have been no ties on the scoreboard.

Thanks for the info. I'm sorry I haven't been updating lately. I've been on vacation, and I've had some upheaval in my personal life.

RC: Much thanks for keeping this list going. Hope everything's okay.

Thank you for your concern, Pogo. Yes, everything is OK. Just stuff happening like changes in my job situation, and illnesses in the family, a vacation, a new dog, etc.

Wow, some people sure have seen a lot of movies

I've seen a lot too, but I only started keeping a list in february, so I don't know the exact amount I've seen this year. Otherwise, I'd probably ask if I could be up there as well

We might still have this scoreboard next year. If you are still around, you can join us then.

Yeah, I was planning on doing that

I have a firm grip on the obvious :)

That's always a useful thing to have :)

We have a three-way tie for 14th place. Seven folks are either not watching movies or haven't updated their lists in a while.

It looks like staup2005 is slacking off.

Shit, i just don't find any time to update my viewing log. Hope this will change, but I can't make any promises. Have been watching very few films since June because of time problems, but before that, there are some 200+ films to be added...

No delusions about even cracking the top 10 on this list, but feel free to use my list as well. I usually see 100-150 movies a year. Mostly from May to October then TV takes over my life.

OK, pastordice. You're in.

Another installment

Movie Log 2006 (With Mini-Reviews!) - Vol. 5

Jeez, I'm gettin' a real franchise going. I should write a book series. ;-)

Yup, maybe so. Thanks for the update!

Congratulations!...for moving up to fourth place, and to bookwormcat for moving up three places, to 12th.

If I ranked us by how many we watched since the last update, it would be staup2005, with an astonishing 81 titles, then bookwormcat, with an impressive 31, then me, then hinterland and lukeprog, etc.

A dull coupla weeks. No ties, and no one changed places.

Thank you. I need to update the scoreboard.